The Erasmus+ Project “BoostDigiCulture” hopes to set the foundation for a sustainable and inclusive professional development framework of open educational resources and practices, designed to enhance the digital competences of cultural professionals with low digital skills, especially those working in small and medium sized cultural institutions in the partner countries and beyond. Through the materials of “BoostDigiCulture” project, the adult cultural professionals will enhance their capacity in implementing digital culture in their institutional agenda, promote awareness on the importance of digital readiness and training themselves and their colleagues for institutional resilience and sustainability.

The intention of this platform is to act as a cultural affinity space, addressing the needs primarily of adult cultural professionals and small and medium sized cultural institutions from all partner countries and not only. The multifunctional online interdisciplinary learning platform has an open access and host provide concrete, co- creative and practice-based, learning modules and support tools and resources for empowering these adult learners and their institutions in their digital cultural competences upskilling and resilience. The platform content is translated into partners' languages (EN, GR, IT, DE, PT, HR) and be freely accessible to a wider audience. All interested individuals can make use of the e- learning platform and implement the project's resources in their daily practice.

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